The ewes

The matriarch, aka Lambchop, aka Matvraket, aka Mamma.

We bought the matriarch of our flock in 2013 from a very nice lady north of Asheville who wasn’t sure if she was Icelandic, a large Shetland, or a cross. She was likely born in 2011 or before. She’s loud, demanding, in charge and makes awesome babies. In 2018, she successfully raised a set of whopping triplets.
The shy one, aka #4, aka Mamma.

The matriarch’s granddaughter, she was born in 2015. Her sire was an Icelandic ram from Fiddlehead Hollow (Vaengur). She’s gentle, shy and is perfectly capable of worming her way into the lamb’s creep feeder. Her lambs in 2018 are a black morrit ram lamb and a white ewe lamb.
#10, aka Tilty Head, aka Mamma. #10 was born in 2016 from Rue, an Icelandic ewe from Farmgirl Arts farm and the ram lamb out of Lambchop and Vaengur. Her lambs in 2018 were both girls - one white and one black and white spotted.

The boys

Our herd ram is Tripp, who came to us from the amazing Winding Stair Farm. Tripp by name, trip by nature, he has other unmentionable names at meal times. His sire is Hamish from Farmgirl Arts Farm (who looks just like him) and his dam is Jumper, a gray morritt ewe.
The resident wether - and Tripp's reluctant pal - is Buddy. (It's a title, but it fits him.) Buddy is Lambchop's lamb from 2016. His fleece is fantastic.